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CLOJUREC(1) General Commands Manual CLOJUREC(1)

clojurec - Clojure compiler

clojurec [-d destination-directory] [-W/-Wreflect] [-cp/-classpath classpath] lib1 [lib2 ...]

This manual page documents briefly the clojurec command.

clojurec compiles libs and generates class files stored within the directory named by the -d option, or . if not specified. Arguments are strings naming the libs to be compiled. Note that libs are specified in dotted notation and are loaded from a classpath, for example my.lib refers to a file my/lib.clj contained within a classpath.

A summary of options is included below.

Specifies the destination directory for compiled class files.
Causes the compiler to emit warnings when reflection is needed to resolve Java method calls or field accesses.
Specifies additional classpath elements. This option overrides the $CLASSPATH environment variable.

A listing of recognised environment variables is included below.

Specifies additional classpath elements.


clojurec is a wrapper script around a Java implementation by Rich Hickey <>. The wrapper script was written by Peter Collingbourne <>.

This manual page was written by Peter Collingbourne <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).