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conjugar - conjugator of Brazilian Portuguese verbs

conjugar [options]

conjugar [output options] verb

conjugar is a conjugator of Portuguese verbs as spoken in Brazil. The input must be in UTF-8 and the output will be in UTF-8 regardless of the system settings. The software is based on conjugue, which was written by Ricardo Ueda Karpischek.

Show the version number and exits.
Show an usage message and exits.
Creates the files list_of_paradigms , list_of_verbs and all_verbs where all verbs in the data base are conjugated.

Use ANSI scape codes to colorize the output.
Output with xml tags.
Conjugate the verb as most ordinary Brazilians do instead of following the normative grammar.
Conjugates verb at startup, output the result to screen and exits.

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Copyright © 2005-2017 Jakson A. Aquino
CONJUGAR comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; it is Free Software under GNU GPL. See the copyright file for details.

This man page was written by Jakson Aquino.

July 2017 Version 0.8.3