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DIRTBIKE(1) User Commands DIRTBIKE(1)

dirtbike - dirtbike

usage: Turn OS packages into wheels [-h] [-d DIRECTORY] [--py2] package

The name of the package to rewheel, as seen by Python (not your OS!).

show this help message and exit
Leave the new .whl file in the given directory. Otherwise the default is to use the current working directory. If DIRECTORY doesn't exist, it will be created. This overrides $DIRTBIKE_DIRECTORY
Use the python2 site-packages directory to build the wheel

dirtbike also recognizes the environment variable $DIRTBIKE_DIRECTORY which if set, is used as the directory to put .whl files in. This is analogous to the -d/--directory option, although the command line switch takes precedence.

May 2020 dirtbike 0.3-7