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DOLFIN-CONVERT(1) General Commands Manual DOLFIN-CONVERT(1)

dolfin-convert - Convert to DOLFIN XML format

dolfin-convert [OPTIONS] ... input.x output.y

Display help text and exit.
Specify input format.
Specify output format.

Supported formats:

- DOLFIN XML mesh format (current)
- DOLFIN XML mesh format (DOLFIN 0.6.2 and earlier)
- Medit, generated by tetgen with option -g
- Gmsh, version 2.0 file format
- Metis graph file format
- Scotch graph file format
- Diffpack tetrahedral grid format
- Abaqus tetrahedral grid format
- Sandia Format (requires ncdump utility from NetCDF)
- NetCDF format (requires ncdump utility from NetCDF)
- StarCD terahedral grid format

If --input or --output are not specified, the format will be deduced from the suffix:

- xml
- mesh
- gmsh
- gmsh
- metis
- scotch
- diffpack
- abaqus
- ExodusII
- ExodusII
- NetCDF
- StarCD
- StarCD

dolfin-convert was originally written by Anders Logg <>. Several others have contributed to add support for different mesh formats. This manual page was written by Johannes Ring <>.