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FTPUSERS(5) File Formats Manual FTPUSERS(5)

ftpusersfile which lists users who are not allowed to use ftp

/etc/ftpusers is used by ftpd(8); the file contains a list of users who are not allowed to use the ftp command. For security reasons at least users like ``root'', ``bin'', ``uucp'' and ``news'' should be listed in this file. Blank lines and lines beginning with `#' are ignored.

Note: a lines with `#' in the is a comment. Don't put `#' after a name to comment it; use another line, or things will silently fail on you.

/etc/ftpusers might contain the following entries:

# /etc/ftpusers


ftp(1), ftpd(8)

April 22, 1994 Linux NetKit (0.17)