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FvwmAuto(1) General Commands Manual FvwmAuto(1)

FvwmAuto - the FVWM auto-raise module

FvwmAuto is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work. An appropriate invocation from fvwm looks like:

Module FvwmAuto 200

or, from a menu: Popup "Module-Popup"
Title "Modules"
Module "GoodStuff" GoodStuff
Module "NoClutter" FvwmClean
Module "FvwmIdentify" FvwmIdent
Module "Banner" FvwmBanner
Module "Debug" FvwmDebug
Module "SaveDesktop" FvwmSave
Module "AutoRaise" FvwmAuto 200 EndPopup

The numeric argument is required. It specified how long a window must retain the keyboard input focus before it is raised. The delay is measured in milliseconds, and any integer 0 or greater is acceptable.

FvwmAuto just appeared one day, nobody knows how.

December 1, 1994 3rd Berkeley Distribution