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FvwmBanner(1) General Commands Manual FvwmBanner(1)

FvwmBanner - the FVWM Banner

FvwmBanner is intended to be spawned by fvwm, but it will work if run from the command line.

The FvwmInitBanner displays an Fvwm Logo in the center of the screen for 5 seconds.


Nothing interesting.

FvwmBanner can be invoked by binding the action 'Module FvwmBanner' to a menu or key-stroke in the .fvwmrc file. Fvwm will search directory specified in the ModulePath configuration option to attempt to locate FvwmBanner. Although nothing keeps you from launching FvwmBanner at start-up time, you probably don't want to.

There are no configuration options.

Robert Nation

January 28, 1994 3rd Berkeley Distribution