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FvwmScroll(1) General Commands Manual FvwmScroll(1)

FvwmScroll - the FVWM scroll-bar module

FvwmScroll is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work.

The FvwmScroll module prompts the user to select a target window, if the module was not launched from within a window context in Fvwm. After that, it adds scroll bars to the selected window, to reduce the total desktop space consumed by the window.

FvwmScroll reads the same .fvwmrc file as fvwm reads when it starts up, and looks for lines similar to "*FvwmScrollFore green".

FvwmScroll should not be used with windows which move or resize themselves, nor should it be used with windows which set the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property. Operation is fine with windows that have a private colormap.

The FvwmScroll program, and the concept for interfacing this module to the Window Manager, are all original work by Robert Nation.

Copyright 1994, Robert Nation. No guarantees or warranties or anything are provided or implied in any way whatsoever. Use this program at your own risk. Permission to use this program for any purpose is given, as long as the copyright is kept intact.

During initialization, FvwmScroll will eventually search a configuration file which describes the colors to use. The configuration file is the same file that fvwm used during initialization.

If the FvwmScroll executable is linked to another name, ie ln -s FvwmScroll MoreScroll, then another module called MoreScroll can be started, with a completely different configuration than FvwmScroll, simply by changing the keyword FvwmScroll to MoreScroll.

FvwmScroll can be invoked by binding the action 'Module FvwmScroll x y' to a menu or key-stroke in the .fvwmrc file. The parameter x and y are integers, which describe the horizontal and vertical window size reduction. Fvwm will search directory specified in the ModulePath configuration option to attempt to locate FvwmScroll. Although nothing keeps you from launching FvwmScroll at start-up time, you probably don't want to.

FvwmScroll reads the same .fvwmrc file as fvwm reads when it starts up, and looks for lines as listed below:

*FvwmScrollFore color
Tells the module to use color instead of grey for scroll bars themselves.

*FvwmScrollBack color
Tells the module to use color instead of black for the window background.

When the scroll bars are removed by clicking on the button in the lower right corner, the window does not restore its location correctly.

Robert Nation

April 14 1994 3rd Berkeley Distribution