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BEER(1) Gerstensaft BEER(1)

beer - Graphical frontend to SAFT

beer [ gtk-options ] [ -v | -h ] [ -m | -r | -s ]

Gerstensaft is an easy to use graphical frontend to the SAFT protocol, i.e. sendfile(1), sendmsg(1) and receive(1). It features sending messages, files and directories, adding comments, and provides a history of recipients. Since sendfile(1), sendmsg(1) and receive(1) are called for real operations you'll need to have these programs installed as well.

Display help and exit.
Run in message mode.
Run in receive mode.
Run in send mode.
Display version and exit.

Gerstensaft is German and means barley juice translated word by word. So in short it's nothing less than simply beer, hence the name of the binary. Although beer is Bier.

Gerstensaft has been developed by Joey Schulze <>. It uses the GIMP Toolkit (Gtk) to draw its user interface.

Contains the stored history list of recipients.
Contains additional configuration

sendfile(1), sendmsg(1), receive(1),
Homepage: <>.

7 December 2006 0.3