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go-bindata(8) System Manager's Manual go-bindata(8)

go-bindataembed data in a Go program

go-bindata [options] input [input ...]

go-bindata converts any file into manageable Go source code. It is useful for embedding binary data into a Go program. The file data is optionally gzip compressed before being converted to a raw byte slice.

input is an input directory containing the assets to incorporate. If suffixed by /... it will be searched recursively.

The options are as follows:

Do not embed the assets, but provide the embedding API. Contents will still be loaded from disk.
Assets will *not* be GZIP compressed when this flag is specified.
Use a .rodata hack to get rid of unnecessary memcopies. Refer to the documentation to see what implications this carries.
Package name to use in the generated code.
Optional path prefix to strip off asset names.
Name of the output file to be generated.
Optional set of build tags to include.

The go-bindata program was written by Jim Teeuwen.

January 25, 2014 Debian