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debian::Magick(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation debian::Magick(3)

Image::Magick - call GraphicsMagick routines with ImageMagick interface

use Image::Magick

This Perl wrapper provides GraphicsMagick bindings in the namespace traditionally used by ImageMagick's PerlMagick extension. It is used to turn GraphicsMagick into a drop-in replacement for ImageMagick in Perl scripts. It is recommended that scripts are ported to use GraphicsMagick natively instead of using this compatibility wrapper.

GraphicsMagick was forked from ImageMagick version 5.5.2, and has since been developed with an emphasis on interface stability. Therefore, Perl scripts supporting ImageMagick version 5.5.2 can usually be ported to GraphicsMagick with little effort.

Daniel Kobras <>

Graphics::Magick(3pm), perl(1).

2022-11-24 perl v5.32.1