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GST123(1)   GST123(1)

gst123 - A GStreamer based command line media player

gst123 [OPTIONS] [<URIS>...]

gst123 is a command line based media player released as free software under the GNU LGPL.

-h, --help

Shows a brief help message.


Prints out gst123 version.


Prints out gst123 version and version of libraries used by gst123.

-r, --repeat

Repeat playlist forever.

-z, --shuffle

Shuffle playlist before playing.

-Z, --random

Play files in random order forever.

-x, --novideo

Do not play the video stream.

-f, --fullscreen

Use fullscreen video output.

-@ <playlist>, --list <playlist>

Load files to play from the playlist file.

-a <driver>[=<device>], --audio-output <driver>[=<device>]

Set audio output driver (and device). See section audio drivers for details.

-v <plugin>, --visualization <plugin>

Use a plugin for visualization during audio playback.

-V, --visualization-list

Show a list of available audio visualization plugins which can be used with the -v option.

-k <n>, --skip <n>

Skip the first n seconds of each file.

--volume <volume>

Set initial replay volume (in percent).

-s <subtitle_file>, --subtitle <subtitle_file>

Set subtitle file to use for video playback.

-q, --quiet

Don’t display any messages (title, codec, ui feedback).


Print GStreamer pipeline used to play files.

Besides filenames, playlist entries or command line args can be directories. In this case, gst123 recursively searches the directory and plays all files contained in it.

You can abort gst123 at any time by pressing Ctrl-C. If you are playing multiple files, this will stop the current file and begin playing the next one. If you want to abort playing immediately instead of skipping to the next file, press Ctrl-C within the first second of the playback of a new file.

cursor left/right

Seek 10 seconds backwards/forwards.

cursor down/up

Seek 1 minute backwards/forwards.

page down/up

Seek 10 minute backwards/forwards.


Toggle pause.


Increase/decrease volume by 10%.


Toggle mute/unmute.


Toggle fullscreen display (only for videos).


Normal video size (only for videos).


Increase/decrease opacity by 10% (only for videos).


Toggle subtitles (only for videos).


Toggle playback direction, forward or reverse.

[ ]

Change playback rate to 10% faster/slower.

{ }

Change playback rate to 2x faster/slower.


Change playback rate to normal speed, 1x.


Play next file.


Quit gst123


Show keyboard help.

During start, gst123 will read ~/.gst123rc, if this file exists. Empty lines and lines starting with a # are ignored. The following commands are available:

audio_output <driver>[=<device>]

This sets the default audio driver and the default audio device. It has the same effect as the -a / --audio-output command line option. When both are present, a config file entry and the command line option, the value from the command line option will be used. Read the section on audio drivers for details on the available drivers and syntax.

visualization <visualization_plugin>

Set default visualization plugin for audio files. This setting has the same effect as the -v / --visualization command line option. When both are present, the value from the command line option will be used.


The ALSA driver; when used without argument (as in -a alsa), the ALSA driver uses the default device. To select an ALSA device, its possible to use for example alsa=hw:1 (which will use the hw:1 ALSA device).


The OSS driver; when used without argument (as in -a oss), the OSS driver uses the default device. The device can be specified using for example oss=/dev/dsp1 (which would use the OSS device /dev/dsp1).


The PulseAudio driver. This driver optionally accepts a device name using the pulse=<device> syntax.


The JACK driver. Device selection is not supported in this case.


Dummy output driver, will not output any audio.

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