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aewm++_appbar(1) General Commands Manual aewm++_appbar(1)

aewm++_appbar - a small application launcher


appbar is a small application launcher. It uses small 16x16 pixmaps to form icons so that you can quickly launch your favorite programs.

NOTE: Currently using any other size pixmap will result in unwanted behavior in that the appbar main window will not have proper placement of those icons.

To change the list of icons, edit the file /etc/X11/appbar/appbar.rc

The install process installs some pixmaps into /usr/share/appbar/images/ , these are 16x16 pixmaps for use with the appbar. They were downloaded from and are GPL'd.

The resource file syntax is simple. A definition of an icon looks like the following.

use vertical_placement or horizontal_placement to customize the appbar look.


Inside the icon construct you have two additional variables. The first variable is the name of the image followed by an equals sign then the path and filename of the xpm followed by a semi-colon.

The second variable is execute. Its syntax is similar in that the only difference from images is the path to the executable you wish this icon to launch when clicked.

For appbar placement use the following commands in the rc file.

To configure a different background gradient for the appbar use the following commands.



NOTE: image and execute variables are ended with a semi-colon. The icon construct is enclosed in braces.

Usage: Appbar is extremely simple to use. When icons are clicked they launch applications associated with them. When the grill is clicked (at the right edge) it shades the window to the upper left corner. Clicking it again unshades it to its original size. Middle clicking on the grill will close the application.

Gradient Theme: Appbar takes advantage of blackbox's image gradient code. You can configure a different color theme only by editing in the appbar constructor.

Appbar uses a default icon which was taken from fspanel, credit goes to the author for it. This icons purpose is a fail safe backup incase the requested icon cannot be found.





appbar is supplied with aewm++ by Frank Hale <>.

appbar was renamed to aewm++_appbar for the Debian package.