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ANN_TEST(1) User Commands ANN_TEST(1)

ann_test - A test and evaluation program for the ANN library

   ann_test < file .in

The program ann_test provides a simple script language for setting up experiments involving ANN. It allows the user to generate data and query sets of various sizes, dimensions, and distributions, to build kd- and bd-trees of various types, and then run queries and outputting various performance statistics.

Sunil Arya and David Mount

This man page is Copyright (C) 2007 Rafael Laboissiere <rafael AT debian DOT org> and released under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later. It was written for the Debian distribution but may be used by others.

The program is fully documented in the document file:///usr/share/doc/libann-dev/ANNmanual.pdf available from the libann-dev package.

2023-03-23 ANN 1.1.2+doc