DOKK / manpages / debian 12 / apophenia-bin / apop_plot_query.1.en

apop_plot_query - command line utility to take in a query and put out a Gnuplot table file

apop_plot_query [opts] dbname query

Runs a query, and pipes the output directly to gnuplot. Use -f to dump to stdout or a file.

database to use (mandatory)
query to run (mandatory or use -Q)
file from which to read the query
no plot: just run the query and display results to stdout
plot type (points, bars, ...) (default: "lines")
plot histogram with this many bins (e.g., -H100) (to let the system auto-select bin sizes, use -H0)
file to dump to. If -f- then use stdout (default: pipe to Gnuplot)
display this help and exit
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