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Update-AUCTeX-elisp(8) Debian GNU/Linux Manual Update-AUCTeX-elisp(8)

update-auctex-elisp - Update AUCTeX automatically generated TeX macros and LaTeX styles data

update-auctex-elisp [--daemon] [--no-act] [FLAVOR ...]

The update-auctex-elisp script updates the automatically generated TeX and LaTeX data used by AUCTeX and stored in /var/lib/auctex/<FLAVOR>, where <FLAVOR> stands for any valid installed Emacs flavor.

It is called automatically by the Debian auctex package (via dpkg triggers) whenever new (La)TeX macros and style files are installed in the TeX and METAFONT system trees; beside, it is called on GNU AUCTeX and GNU Emacs flavor upgrades and installations, to ensure up to date parsing. It may and should also be called manually after additions to the local TeX and METAFONT system tree.

If no arguments are specified, update-auctex-elisp caters to every supported GNU Emacs flavor installed on the system; else it updates only the specified flavors, if they are installed.


Detach from the terminal and run in the background.
Describe what would be done without doing nothing.

The update-auctex-elisp command returns 0 on success and a positive integer on errors.

/var/lib/auctex: the hierarchy containing the byte-compiled files.

None known.

emacs(1), tex(1), latex(1).

This program is copylefted. Refer to the GNU General Public License for conditions of use.

This program has been written and is actively maintained by Davide G. M. Salvetti <> for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

1998-02-17 Debian Project