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AWESET:(1) AWE32 manual AWESET:(1)

aweset: - set controlling parameters of awe sound driver

aweset -- control awedrv parameters

copyright (c) 1996-2003 by Takashi Iwai

usage: aweset [-options] command [argument] ...

print help message
verbose mode
read commands from file

name (abbrev) argument : description

init (i) --- : initialize AWE chip and state
exclusive (e) bool : exclusive note mode (default:on)
realpan (p) bool : realtime panning change (default:on)
gusbank (g) value: GUS-instrument bank number (default:0)
keepeffect (k) bool : keep effect controls after clearing voices (default:off)
zeroatten (z) value: zero attenuation level (default:32)
chnprior (C) bool : channel priority mode (default:off)
modsense (m) value: modulation wheel sense (default:18)
defpreset (P) value: default preset number (default:0)
defbank (B) value: default bank number (default:0)
defdrum (D) value: default drumset number (default:0)
toggledrum (a) bool : accept to change bank on drum channels (default:off)
newvolume (n) bool : Win-like volume calculation method (default:on)
chorus (c) value: chorus mode (default:2)
reverb (r) value: reverb mode (default:4)
bass (b) value: equalizer bass level (default:5)
treble (t) value: equalizer treble level (default:9)
debug (d) value: debug mode (default:0)
panexchange (x) bool : exchange panning direction (default:off)


This manual page was written by Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

The AWE32 driver and utilities were written by Takashi Iwai <>.

August 2019 awesfx 0.5.2