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bandwidthd.conf - configuration file for bandwidthd

The file, /etc/bandwidthd/bandwidthd.conf, is read by bandwidthd when started. It contains a small set of tunable options for bandwidthd features that can be adjusted.

Subnet to log traffic for.
Device to listen on.
Number on intervals (2.5 minute) to skip between graphing. Default 0.
Number of kilobytes required before drawing a graph for a host. Default 1024.
Put device in promisc ("eavesdropping") mode. Default true.
Write logfiles for analyzed traffic. Default false.
Recover from logfiles after restart. Default false.
Warning: This can take very long time if the logfiles are big.
Enabling this and having bandwidthd start on system start might be a bad idea. It will delay your possibilities to log in locally since it's not done in the background.
Pcap filter rule to use. Always include "ip" to avoid weird problems. Default "ip".
Write graphs and html for analyzed traffic. Default true.
Number of seconds before html-page reloads. 0 to disable. Default 150.

/etc/bandwidthd/bandwidthd.conf	- configuration file.
/etc/init.d/bandwidthd			- startscript.


Furter information available at the website:

This manual page was written by Andreas Henriksson <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

5 Jul 2004