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BLAEU(1) User Commands BLAEU(1)

Blaeu - blaeu-traceroute : (like traceroute)

blaeu-traceroute target-IP-address-or-name

--verbose or -v : makes the program more talkative

--help or -h : this message

--displayprobes or -o : display the probes numbers (WARNING: big lists)

--country=2LETTERSCODE or -c 2LETTERSCODE : limits the measurements to one country (default is world-wide)

--area=AREACODE or -a AREACODE : limits the measurements to one area such as North-Central (default is world-wide)

--asn=ASnumber or -n ASnumber : limits the measurements to one AS (default is all ASes)

--prefix=IPprefix or -f IPprefix : limits the measurements to one IP prefix (default is all prefixes) WARNING: it must be an *exact* prefix in the global routing table

--probes=N or -s N : selects the probes by giving explicit ID (one ID or a comma-separated list)

--requested=N or -r N : requests N probes (default is 5)

--percentage=X or -p X : stops the program as soon as X % of the probes reported a result (default is 90 %)

--measurement-ID=N or -m N : do not start a measurement, just analyze a former one

--old_measurement MSMID or -g MSMID : uses the probes of measurement MSMID

--include TAGS or -i TAGS : limits the measurements to probes with these tags (a comma-separated list)

--exclude TAGS or -e TAGS : excludes from measurements the probes with these tags (a comma-separated list)

--port=N or -t N : destination port for TCP (default is 80)

--size=N or -z N : number of bytes in the packet (default is 64 bytes)

--ipv4 or -4 : uses IPv4 (default is IPv6, except if the parameter or option is an IP address, then it is automatically found)

--spread or -w : spreads the tests (add a delay before the tests)

--private : makes the measurement private

--machinereadable or -b : machine-readable output, to be consumed by tools like grep or cut

--format or -k : downloads the results and format them in a traditional traceroute way

--simpleformat : the same, but without looking up the AS (useful if you have no whois access)

--protocol=PROTO or -j PROTO : uses this protocol (UDP, TCP or ICMP, default is UDP)

--do_lookup or -d : Enables IP lookup feature (default is disabled, may become interactive if the machine has several addresses)

--do_reverse_lookup or -l : Enables reverse IP lookup feature for hops

(default 1)
(default 32)

Other Blaeu tools

blaeu-cert : (display the PKIX certificate)

blaeu-reach : (test reachability of the target, like ping)

blaeu-resolve : (use the DNS to resolve the name)

blaeu-traceroute : (like traceroute)

June 2022 Blaeu version 1.1.8