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c-icap-stretch(8) System Manager's Manual c-icap-stretch(8)

c-icap-stretch - A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers

c-icap-stretch [ -V ] [ -VV ] [ -i icap_servername ] [ -p port ] [ -s service ] [ -urls filename ] [ -req ] [ -m max-requests ] [ -t threads-number ] [ -d debug level ] [ -x icap-header ] [ -hx http-request-header ] [ -rhx http-response-header ] file1 file2 ...

c-icap-stretch is a simple utility for loading ICAP servers.

Print version
Print build informations
The hostname of the icap server. The default is localhost
The server port. The default port value is 1344
The service name. The default service name is "echo"
File with urls, one url per line, to use for stress test
Send request modification requests
The maximum requests to send
The number of client threads to start
debug level info to stdout
Include the icap-header in icap request headers
Include the http-request-header in http request headers
Include the http-response-header in http response headers
The files to use as body data to the ICAP requests.

c-icap(8) c-icap-client(8) c-icap-config(8) c-icap-libicapapi-config(8) c-icap-mkbdb(8)

It can used only for ICAP response modification services.

Tsantilas Christos

c_icap 0.5.10