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CAPSTATS(8) System Manager's Manual CAPSTATS(8)

capstats - print statistics about the current load on a network interface

capstats [ options ] -i interface

This manual page documents briefly the capstats command.

capstats is a program that prints statistics about the current load on a network interface using libpcap. It reports statistics per time interval and/or for the tool's total run-time.

Here's an example output with output in one-second intervals until CTRL-C is hit:

>capstats -i eth0 -I 1
1186620936.890567 pkts=12747 kpps=12.6 kbytes=10807 mbps=87.5 nic_pkts=12822 nic_drops=0 u=960 t=11705 i=58 o=24 nonip=0
1186620937.901490 pkts=13558 kpps=13.4 kbytes=11329 mbps=91.8 nic_pkts=13613 nic_drops=0 u=1795 t=24339 i=119 o=52 nonip=0
1186620938.912399 pkts=14771 kpps=14.6 kbytes=13659 mbps=110.7 nic_pkts=14781 nic_drops=0 u=2626 t=38154 i=185 o=111 nonip=0
1186620939.012446 pkts=1332 kpps=13.3 kbytes=1129 mbps=92.6 nic_pkts=1367 nic_drops=0 u=2715 t=39387 i=194 o=112 nonip=0
=== Total
1186620939.012483 pkts=42408 kpps=13.5 kbytes=36925 mbps=96.5 nic_pkts=1 nic_drops=0 u=2715 t=39387 i=194 o=112 nonip=0

These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

Listen on interface

Use native DAG API if capstats was built with DAG support.

BPF filter

Stats logging interval

Use syslog rather than print to stderr
Stop after outputting count intervals

Verifies that packets' payloads consist entirely of bytes of the given value.

Suppress output, exit code indicates >= count packets received.

Verify packets to have given size

Use pcap snaplen size

Print version and exit

Write packets to filename


capstats was written by Robin Sommer <>

This manual page was written by Justin Azoff <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

January 15, 2010