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wordview(1) General Commands Manual wordview(1)

wordview - displays text contained in MS-Word file in X window

wordview [ filename]

wordview is simple GUI wrapper around catdoc(1) which allows to browse through word file interactively. It doesn't allow to edit file, but allows to save plain text representation (or version with some TeX commands) into the file.

If for some reason catdoc doesn't recognize file encoding properly, wordview allows to specify encoding interactively.

wordview supports standard X options, supported by wish(1)

Following X resources can be used to customize wordviewlook:

background color for main window
Foreground color for main window
Background color of selected text
Foreground color of selected text
Font to display text. We recommend to use fixed-width font, such as Courier, becouse catdoc(1) is intended to convert Word into text. Either XLFD font names or Tk-style font specifications like {Courier 12pt} can be used for specifying font. If you use XLFD font names, usage of unicode (iso10646-1) fonts is recommended.
How to search text. This option can have value either exact or regexp and specifis whether text is searched for exact match or for regular expression by default. This behavoir can be toggled interactively via checkbox in the search dialog.
This boolean option controls whether search is case-sensitive. Default is no.
Background color for highlighted menu item
Background color of active menu item.
Width (in pixels) of border around highlighted menu item. Default is 0, which differs from Tk global default. See options(n) for more details.

A lot of other resource options which affect behavoir of standard Tk widgets can affect wordview. See Tcl/Tk manual pages for more information.


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