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med2bib - script to convert Pubmed format files to BibTeX format files

med2bib <> <output.bib>

med2bib is a script to convert a Pubmed-format file into a BibTeX-format file. The conversion is a two step process: the Pubmed-format file is first converted into an XML-format file; that XML-format file is in turn converted into the BibTeX-format file (both utilities are shipped in the bibutils package).

This script is part of the cb2bib package and is located at /usr/share/cb2bib/c2btools/med2bib.

P. Constans (2009) "A simple extraction procedure for bibliographical author field", arXiv:0902.0755.

P. Constans (2007) "Approximate textual retrieval", arXiv:0705.0751.

cb2bib(1), bib2pdf(1), isi2bib(1), ris2bib(1)

Filippo Rusconi <> basing the writing on previous work by Pere Constans <>.

Program and man page (for the Debian distribution) author.

Copyright © 2009,2017 Filippo Rusconi

This manual page was written for the Debian system (but may be used by others).

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September 2009