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clang-rename - manual page for clang-rename 13

USAGE: clang-rename [options] <source0> [... <sourceN>]


Generic Options:

--help - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)

--help-list - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)

--version - Display the version of this program

clang-rename common options:

--export-fixes=<filename> - YAML file to store suggested fixes in.

--extra-arg=<string> - Additional argument to append to the compiler command line

--extra-arg-before=<string> - Additional argument to prepend to the compiler command line

--force - Ignore nonexistent qualified names.

-i - Overwrite edited <file>s.

--input=<string> - YAML file to load oldname-newname pairs from.

--new-name=<string> - The new name to change the symbol to.

--offset=<uint> - Locates the symbol by offset as opposed to <line>:<column>.

-p=<string> - Build path

--pl - Print the locations affected by renaming to stderr.

--pn - Print the found symbol's name prior to renaming to stderr.

--qualified-name=<string> - The fully qualified name of the symbol.

January 2023 clang-rename 13