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debspawn-create - Create new container images

debspawn create [-h|--help] [--variant] [-a|--arch] [--suite] [--mirror] [--components] [--base-suite] [--extra-suites] [--extra-sourceslist-lines] [--allow-recommends] [--with-init] {NAME}

Create a new base image for a suite known to debootstrap(1). The image will later be used to spawn ephemeral containers in which packages can be built.

You can easily create images for any suite that has a script in debootstrap. For example, to create a Debian Unstable image for your current machine architecture, you can use:

$ debspawn create unstable

A more advanced example, for building on Ubuntu 18.10 on the x86 architecture:

$ debspawn create --arch=i386 cosmic

The suite name is inferred from the container image name given as positional parameter. If it can not be inferred, you will need to pass the --suite parameter with the primary suite name for this image. If a --base-suite is passed and no --suite is set, the image name will automatically be assumed to be for an overlay suite, which may not always be the desired result.


The name of the container image to create (usually the name of the suite).


Print brief help information about available commands.


Set the bootstrap script variant (use `none` to select no variant).


The architecture of the container.


Explicitly set a suite name (instead of having it derived from the container name).


Set a specific mirror to bootstrap from.


A comma-separated list of archive components to enable in the newly created image.


A full suite that forms the base of the selected partial suite (e.g. for -updates and -backports).


Space-separated list of additional suites that should also be added to the sources.list file.


Lines that should be added to the build environments source.list verbatim. Separate lines by linebreaks.


Do not disable APT installing "recommends"-type dependencies by default, and instead use the default behavior for full, normal system installations with "recommends" enabled.


Include an init system in this image, so it is bootable.

debspawn-build(1), debootstrap(1), systemd-nspawn(1).

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