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debspawn-login - Open interactive shell session in a container

debspawn login [-h|--help] [--variant] [-a|--arch] [--suite] [--persistent] [--allow] [--boot] {NAME}

This command enters an interactive shell session in a container that is normally used for building. This can be useful to inspect the build environment, or to manually customize the container image for special applications if the --persistent flag is set.


The name of the container image (usually a distribution suite name).


Print brief help information about available commands.


Set the variant of the selected image, that was used for bootstrapping.


The architecture of the base image that should be selected.


Explicitly set a suite name (instead of having it derived from the container name).


Make changes done in the session persistent.


List one or more additional permissions to grant the container. Takes a comma-separated list of capability names.


Boot container image (requires the image to contain an init system).

debspawn(1), systemd-nspawn(1).

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