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debspawn-maintain - Run various maintenance actions

debspawn maintain [-h|--help] [-y|--yes] [--migrate] [--update-all] [--clear-caches] [--purge] [--status]

Perform various maintenance actions on debspawn. Actions this subcommand allows will affect generic settings of debspawn or all of its container images at once. It can also be used to display general, useful information about the system and debspawn installation to help with finding setup issues.

You can update all container images that debspawn knows of in one go:

$ debspawn maintain --update-all

If you want to get information about the current debspawn installation (useful when reporting an issue against it), the --status option will print a status summary and highlight issues:

$ debspawn maintain --status

You can clear all caches for all images to free up disk space (missing data will be downloaded or regenerated again when it is needed):

$ debspawn maintain --clear-caches


Print brief help information about available commands.


Perform dangerous actions without asking twice.


Migrate any settings or configuration changes to the current version of debspawn.


Update all container images that we know.


Delete all cached packages for all images.


Remove all images as well as any data associated with them.


Display a status summary about this installation, highlighting potential issues.

debspawn-build(1), debootstrap(1), systemd-nspawn(1).

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