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debspawn-update - Update a container image

debspawn update [-h|--help] [--variant] [-a|--arch] [--suite] [--recreate] {NAME}

Update a container base image. This achieves the same thing as running apt update && apt full-upgrade on the base image and making the changes permanent. Additionally, debspawn update will prune all caches and ensure all required packages and scripts are installed in the container image.

Running debspawn update on the images that are in use about once a week ensures builds will happen faster, due to less changes that have to be done prior to each build.

Updating images is easy, you just pass the same arguments you used for creating them, but use the update subcommand instead:

			$ debspawn update sid
			$ debspawn update --arch=i386 cosmic


The name of the container image (usually a distribution suite name).


Print brief help information about available commands.


Set the variant of the selected image, that was used for bootstrapping.


The architecture of the base image that should be selected.


Explicitly set a suite name (instead of having it derived from the container name).


Re-create the container image from scratch using the settings used to create it previously, instead of just updating it.

debspawn-create(1), debspawn-build(1).

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