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DERIVATIONS(7) Derivations of Applied Mathematics DERIVATIONS(7)

derivations - book: Derivations of Applied Mathematics

For various valid reasons, open-source program sources rarely derive the mathematical formulas they use. A user, nevertheless -- not wishing to take such formulas on faith -- might wish to see such formulas somewhere derived.

Derivations of Applied Mathematics is a book that derives, and documents, many of the mathematical formulas and methods open-source programs use, and indeed many of the formulas and methods used in science and engineering generally. For example, it derives and documents the Taylor series (used to calculate trigonometrics), the Newton-Raphson method (used to calculate square roots), the Pythagorean theorem (used to calculate distances) and many others.

Among other ways, you can read the book on your computer screen by opening the file /usr/share/doc/derivations/derivations.pdf with a PDF reader like (for example) evince(1).

the book in PDF

The book remains a work in progress.

The book and this manpage are written by Thaddeus H. Black, who also maintains the Debian package derivations in which Debian distributes them. Users who need to contact the author in his role as Debian package maintainer can reach him at <>. However, most e-mail will naturally be about the book itself: this should be sent to <>.

Copyright (C) 1983-2021 Thaddeus H. Black.

The book, this manpage and the entire derivations distribution are free software. You can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

7 January 2021 Thaddeus H. Black