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desktop-autoloader(1) Desktop Session Autoloader desktop-autoloader(1)

desktop-autoloader - Desktop Session Autoloader Launch Script


desktop-autoloader is a tiny script that loads a virtual desktop session in Xvfb. Its purpose is to fill the kernel's file system RAM cache with all necessary files needed for running a real desktop session (of the same type).

The Desktop Session Autoloader is a nice-to-have tool on diskless clients (aka LTSP Fat Clients). It accelerates the login of the first-user-of-the-day tremendously. To take advantage of the pre-loaded desktop session, make sure the diskless systems get launched via Wake-on-LAN before 7:30am.

desktop-autoloader should not be executed directly, it is executed via CRON. It gets only executed when the system is booted before a certain time of day (so it does not inflict performance breakdown on already running sessions.

There are no options.

/etc/cron.d/desktop-autoloader /etc/desktop-autoloader/autostart/*.desktop

This manual page was written by Mike Gabriel <> for the Debian Project.

May 2018 Version 0.0.4