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DhMakePerl::PodParser(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation DhMakePerl::PodParser(3pm)

DhMakePerl::PodParser - internal helper module for DhMakePerl

DhMakePerl::PodParser is used by DhMakePerl to extract some information from the module-to-be-packaged. It sub-classes from Pod::Parser - Please refer to it for further documentation.

Defines the names of the sections that should be fetched from the POD
Gets the contents for the specified POD section. The single argument should be one of the values given to "set_names".
Empties the information held by the parser object
Overrides base class' Pod::Parser command method.

Gets each of the POD's commands (sections), and defines how it should react to each of them. In this particular implementation, it basically filters out anything except for the "=head" sections defined in "set_names".

Hands back the text it received as it occurred in the input stream (see the Pod::Parser's documentation for verbatim, textblock and interior_sequence).

Content is ignored if more than 15 lines away from the section start.

Called by Pod::Parser for verbatim paragraphs. Redirected to "add_text".
Called by Pod::Parser for ordinary text paragraphs. Redirected to "add_text".
interior_sequence() is called by Pod::Parser when, eh, an interior sequence occurs in the text. Interior sequences are things like I<...>.

This implementation decodes "gt", "lt", "sol", "verbar" and numeric character codes, all used by "E" escape.


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