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dioddate(8) diod dioddate(8)

dioddate - get server system time

dioddate [OPTIONS] [-s NAME] [file [file...]]

dioddate obtains the current system time and zone information from a diod server by reading ctl:date. If the --set-time option is specified, sets the local system time on the client; otherwise prints the server time on stdout.

This is a simple way to obtain rough time synchronization before issuing a MUNGE-authenticated attach request, for example in a bootstrap environment where the "ctl" synthetic file system is exported with the "noauth" option.

The server in IP[:PORT], HOST[:PORT], or /path/to/socket form (default localhost:564).
The maximum request size including 9P headers (default 65536).
Try to attach to the server as the specified user (default your effective uid).
Force timeout after specified number of seconds (default no timeout).
Set the local system time to match the server's time.

diod (8)

2015-03-31 diod-1.0.24