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diodcat(8) diod diodcat(8)

diodls - list files by attaching directly to diod server

diodls [OPTIONS] [-s NAME] [-a aname] [file [file...]]

diodls connects to a diod server, attaches to the mount point aname, and lists the specified files or directories.

The file system name on the server (default ctl). Note that the "ctl" synthetic file system must be explicitly exported.
The server in IP[:PORT], HOST[:PORT], or /path/to/socket form (default localhost:564).
The maximum request size including 9P headers (default 65536).
Try to attach to the server as the specified user (default your effective uid).
Force timeout after specified number of seconds (default no timeout).
List stat information in addition to file names.
Connect from a socket bound to a port in the range of 512-1023, available to root only. This can be used in conjunction with the privport export option.

diod (8)

2015-03-31 diod-1.0.24