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JMKMF(1) General Commands Manual JMKMF(1)

jmkmf - runs jmake with the correct options

jmkmf [ top-level dir [ current dir ] ]

Jmkmf is a wrapper which calls jmake with the correct options, defining the symbols TOPDIR (location of the top-level directory) and CURDIR (current directory). The generated Makefile.SH is then ran through /bin/sh to produce a Makefile.

Jmkmf is useful when you generate a makefile for the first time.

When ran without arguments, jmkmf will scan the directories upwards, looking for a .package file marking the top of your sources. It will then derive the top-level directory and the name of the current directory by itself.

Once you have a Makefile.SH generated by jmake, and have run Configure already, you can use make Makefile.SH to build the Makefile.SH again and make Makefile to run the Makefile.SH through /bin/sh. To use the recursive commands, you have to append an 's' at the end of the name as in make Makefiles.SH and make Makefiles.

Raphael Manfredi <>

High level description of makefile

jmake(1), packinit(1).