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KITSEND(1) General Commands Manual KITSEND(1)

kitsend - sends distribution kits

kitsend [ -hV ] [ kits ] recipients

Kitsend sends distribution kits made by makedist to some recipients specified on the command line. If you do not specify any kit list, then all the kits are sent. Otherwise, only the specified kits will be (re)sent.

A kit list may include ranges, 1-10 specifying kits 1 through 10, and 5- meaning kits 5 up to the last one. You may also specify kit numbers by separating them with commas or spaces, and even mix with ranges, such as: 1 3 5-7 9.

The -h switch will print out the usage and -V will print the version number.

Harlan Stenn <>

makedist(1), kitpost(1).