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MAKESH(1) General Commands Manual MAKESH(1)

makeSH - a .SH script maker

makeSH files

MakeSH examines one or more scripts and produces a .SH file that, when run under sh, will produce the original script. The .SH script so produced has two sections containing code destined for the output. The first section has variable substitutions performed on it (taking values from, while the second section does not. MakeSH does not know which variables you want to have substituted, so it puts the whole script into the second section. It's up to you to insert any variable substitutions in the first section for any values you want from

You should run makeSH from within your top-level directory and use the relative path to the file as an argument, so that the "Extracting ..." line printed while running the produced .SH file later on will give that same path.

Larry Wall <>

pat(1), metaconfig(1), makedist(1).

It could assume that variables from metaconfig's Glossary need to be initialized in the first section, but I'm too lazy to make it do that.