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DRBD(8) System Administration DRBD(8)

drbd - The start and stop script for DRBD

/etc/init.d/drbd [resource] {{start} | {stop} | {status} | {reload} | {restart} | {force-reload}}

The /etc/init.d/drbd script is used to start and stop drbd on a system V style init system.

In order to use /etc/init.d/drbd you must define a resource, a host, and any other configuration options in the drbd configuration file. See /etc/drbd.conf for details. If resource is omitted, then all of the resources listed in the config file are configured.

This script might ask you “Do you want to abort waiting for other server and make this one primary?”

Only answer this question with “yes” if you are sure that it is impossible to repair the other node.

This document was revised for version 8.4.11 of the DRBD distribution.

Written by Philipp Reisner <> and Lars Ellenberg <>.

Report bugs to <>.

Copyright 2001-2008 LINBIT Information Technologies, Philipp Reisner, Lars Ellenberg. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

drbd.conf(5), drbddisk(8), drbdsetup(8)drbdadm(8)DRBD Homepage[1]

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