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elastalert-create-index - elastalert-create-index

usage: elastalert-create-index [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]

[--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
[--url-prefix URL_PREFIX] [--no-auth] [--ssl] [--no-ssl] [--verify-certs] [--no-verify-certs] [--index INDEX] [--alias ALIAS] [--old-index OLD_INDEX] [--send_get_body_as SEND_GET_BODY_AS] [--boto-profile PROFILE] [--profile PROFILE] [--aws-region AWS_REGION] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--config CONFIG] [--recreate RECREATE]

show this help message and exit
Elasticsearch host
Elasticsearch port
Elasticsearch username
Elasticsearch password
Elasticsearch URL prefix
Suppress prompt for basic auth
Do not use TLS
Verify TLS certificates
Do not verify TLS certificates
Index name to create
Alias name to create
Old index name to copy
Method for querying Elasticsearch - POST, GET or source
DEPRECATED: (use --profile) Boto profile to use for signing requests
AWS profile to use for signing requests. Optionally use the AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE environment variable
AWS Region to use for signing requests. Optionally use the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable
Elasticsearch request timeout
Global config file (default: config.yaml)
Force re-creation of the index (this will cause data loss).
December 2022 elastalert-create-index 0.2.4-3