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FBAUTOSTART(1) fbautostart Manual FBAUTOSTART(1)

fbautostart - Autostart all XDG applications

fbautostart [options]

fbautostart(1) is an XDG complaint startup tool. This will go through the directories set up by the spec, and start all applications that match it’s current identifier. You may change that identifier with the FBXDG_DE env var.

This tool has almost no library dependencies and was written to be smart about that sort of stuff. There is a greater then average chance that you will find a bug, since it is a from-scratch implementation of the .desktop spec. Pleas report bugs. Please.


This folder contains the default user XDG dot-desktop files that will be run ( unless it’s overridden by an ENV variable )


This folder contains the default system XDG dot-desktop files that will be run ( unless it’s overridden by an ENV variable )

Sadly, there are no flags in this particular release.


The XDG root directory for the user’s startup files, which may override the global startup files.


The root XDG directory, where global XDG files are maintained.


Development environment that we should act upon. This defaults to "FLUXBOX", since this is a fluxbox project, after all. Please note this is case sensitive.


This dictates if we should execute the application that we’ve been told to or not. This is particularly useful for debugging the app.


The location of one’s home directory, such that ~/ will be expanded to /home/user/


Paul Tagliamonte <[1]> for fbautostart 2.718281


Paul Tagliamonte <>


7th September 2011 fbautostart.txt