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fiu-ls(1) General Commands Manual fiu-ls(1)

fiu-ls - list processes available for libfiu remote control

fiu-ls [options]

fiu-ls lists process that are available to be controlled using the libfiu fiu-ctrl(1) utility. Such processes have the remote control pipes available.

For additional documentation, go to the project's website at

Set the default prefix for remote control over named pipes. Defaults to "$TMPDIR/fiu-ctrl", or "/tmp/fiu-ctrl" if "$TMPDIR" is not set, which is the usually correct for programs launched using fiu-run(1).

libfiu(3), fiu-ctrl(1), fiu-run(1).

If you want to report bugs, or have any questions or comments, just let me know at For more information about libfiu, you can go to