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gdu(1) gdu(1)

gdu - Pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in Go

gdu [flags] [directory_to_scan]

Pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in Go.

Gdu is intended primarily for SSD disks where it can fully utilize parallel processing. However HDDs work as well, but the performance gain is not so huge.

-h, --help[=false] help for gdu

-i, --ignore-dirs=[/proc,/dev,/sys,/run] Absolute paths to ignore (separated by comma)

-I, --ignore-dirs-pattern Absolute path patterns to ignore (separated by comma)

-X, --ignore-from Read absolute path patterns to ignore from file

-l, --log-file="/dev/null" Path to a logfile

-m, --max-cores Set max cores that GDU will use.

-c, --no-color[=false] Do not use colorized output

-x, --no-cross[=false] Do not cross filesystem boundaries

-H, --no-hidden[=false] Ignore hidden directories (beginning with dot)

-n, --non-interactive[=false] Do not run in interactive mode

-p, --no-progress[=false] Do not show progress in non-interactive mode

-s, --summarize[=false] Show only a total in non-interactive mode

-d, --show-disks[=false] Show all mounted disks

-a, --show-apparent-size[=false] Show apparent size

-f, -—input-file Import analysis from JSON file. If the file is "-", read from standard input.

-o, -—output-file Export all info into file as JSON. If the file is "-", write to standard output.

-g, --enable-gc[=false] Enable garbage collection during analysis

--enable-profiling[=false] Enable collection of profiling data and provide it on http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/

-v, --version[=false] Print version

Files and directories may be prefixed by a one-character flag with following meaning:

An error occurred while reading this directory.
An error occurred while reading a subdirectory, size may be not correct.
File is symlink or socket.
Same file was already counted (hard link).
Directory is empty.