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GNUNET-DHT-HELLO(1) General Commands Manual GNUNET-DHT-HELLO(1)

gnunet-dht-helloObtain HELLO from DHT or provide HELLO to DHT for bootstrapping.

gnunet-dht-hello [URL] [-c FILENAME | --config=FILENAME] [-h | --help] [-L LOGLEVEL | --loglevel=LOGLEVEL] [-l LOGFILE | --logfile=LOGFILE] [-V | --verbose] [-v | --version]

gnunet-dht-hello is a command line tool to either get a HELLO for your own peer (no arguments) or to parse a HELLO URL by providing it as the sole argument.

Use the configuration file FILENAME.
Print short help on options.
Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
Configure logging to write logs to LOGFILE.
be verbose.
Print GNUnet version number.

The full documentation for gnunet is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info(1) and gnunet programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gnunet

Report bugs by using or by sending electronic mail to <>.

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