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gpm-mouse-test(8) System Manager's Manual gpm-mouse-test(8)

gpm-mouse-test - a tool for determining mouse type and device it's attached to.

gpm-mouse-test [ device ... ]

This experimental and incomplete application tries to help in detecting which protocol does your mouse speak. It is able to detect MouseMan devices, and to choose between `-t ms' (three-buttons aware) and `-t bare' old two-buttons-only serial mice.

I know the application is buggy, but I only own one mouse device. If you are interested in this application, just call me and awake me from my laziness.

[ device ... ]

Check this device for a mouse. If no devices are listed, gpm-mouse-test will try all possible devices.

Alessandro Rubini <>

/dev/*              The devices used to search for a mouse

March 26, 1998