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gretl(1) econometrics gretl(1)

gretl - GNU Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library

gretl [ options ] [ datafile | scriptfile | sessionfile ]

gretl is an econometrics package, built around a shared library which may be accessed using a command-line client program (gretlcli) or a graphical user interface (gretl_x11). The program gretl is a wrapper script that calls the GUI if the DISPLAY environment variable is set, otherwise the command-line client.

For details, please start up either the GUI or the command-line client and consult the online help, or read the printed manual, which is available in PDF format via the gretl website,

These are the options supported by the gretl_x11 program; gretlcli is a little different.

Open a script.

Dump the configuration file.

Open a local database.

Force use of English.

Open a script.

Open a remote database.

Give help information and exit.

Give version information and exit.

~/.gretl2rc per-user configuration file

~/.gretl directory for user runtime files

Specifies the user's home directory
Specifies the X window display to use


The gretl team

1.9.5 The gretl team