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update-grml-rescueboot(8) System Manager's Manual update-grml-rescueboot(8)

update-grml-rescueboot - Script to integrate Grml ISO for booting via GRUB

update-grml-rescueboot [-f] [-a 32|64|96] [-t small|full]

grml-rescueboot integrates Grml ISO booting into GRUB. It provides a script for update-grub which looks for Grml ISO images in /boot/grml, and automatically adds an entry for each image. The purpose is to use one of those images to boot a Grml rescue system without using a CD, USB stick or network boot (PXE). update-grml-rescueboot is a script which checks for the latest stable version of Grml (via, ensures there's enough free disk space in /boot/grml and downloads the ISO to /boot/grml. It verifies the ISO signature and upon success executes update-grub then. Everything should be ready for booting a Grml ISO via GRUB then. This script makes integration of a Grml ISO into GRUB via grml-rescueboot even easier. All that needs to be done is install grml-rescueboot and invoke update-grml-rescueboot afterwards. Using the -a and -t options it's possible to use specific Grml ISOs. If none of those options is specific it defaults to the grml-full flavour, matching the currently running hardware architecture (i?86 or x86_64).

Choose Grml architecture, specified via arg. Supported flavours are '32', '64' and '96'. If unset defaults to the currently running architecture.
Force execution, ignoring, e.g. existing ISO files and disk space checks for /boot/grml.
Display usage information and exit script.
Choose Grml flavour, specified via arg. Supported flavours are 'small' and 'full'. If unset defaults to 'full'.

update-grml-rescueboot was written by Michael Prokop, based on a script by Felipe Sateler.

Please report them towards Debian's BTS, see

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