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KRB5-CONFIG(1) General Commands Manual KRB5-CONFIG(1)

krb5-configgive information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries

krb5-config [--prefix[=dir]] [--exec-prefix[=dir]] [--libs] [--cflags] [libraries]

krb5-config tells the application programmer what special flags to use to compile and link programs against the libraries installed by Heimdal.

Options supported:

Print the prefix if no dir is specified, otherwise set prefix to dir.
Print the exec-prefix if no dir is specified, otherwise set exec-prefix to dir.
Output the set of libraries that should be linked against. This also includes rpath flags with the expectation that the C compiler is used for final link-edits.
Output the set of flags to give to the C compiler when using the Heimdal libraries.

By default krb5-config will output the set of flags and libraries to be used by a normal program using the krb5 API. The user can also supply a library to be used, the supported ones are:

(the default)
use the krb5 gssapi mechanism
use the client-side kadmin libraries
use the server-side kadmin libraries


krb5-config appeared in Heimdal 0.3d.

November 30, 2000 HEIMDAL