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KRB5_FIND_PADATA(3) Library Functions Manual KRB5_FIND_PADATA(3)

krb5_find_padata, krb5_padata_addKerberos 5 pre-authentication data handling functions

Kerberos 5 Library (libkrb5, -lkrb5)

#include <krb5.h>

krb5_find_padata(PA_DATA *val, unsigned len, int type, int *index);

krb5_padata_add(krb5_context context, METHOD_DATA *md, int type, void *buf, size_t len);

() tries to find the pre-authentication data entry of type type in the array val of length len. The search is started at entry pointed out by *index (zero based indexing). If the type isn't found, NULL is returned.

() adds a pre-authentication data entry of type type pointed out by buf and len to md.

krb5(3), kerberos(8)

March 21, 2004 HEIMDAL