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IBSTAT(8) Open IB Diagnostics IBSTAT(8)

ibstat - query basic status of InfiniBand device(s)

ibstat [options] <ca_name> [portnum]

ibstat is a binary which displays basic information obtained from the local IB driver. Output includes LID, SMLID, port state, link width active, and port physical state.

It is similar to the ibstatus utility but implemented as a binary rather than a script. It has options to list CAs and/or ports and displays more information than ibstatus.

list all IB devices
short output
show port list
InfiniBand device name
port number of InfiniBand device

raise the IB debugging level. May be used several times (-ddd or -d -d -d).

-h, --help show the usage message

increase the application verbosity level. May be used several times (-vv or -v -v -v)

-V, --version show the version info.

--config, -z <config_file> Specify alternate config file.

Default: /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf

ibstat # display status of all ports on all IB devices ibstat -l # list all IB devices ibstat -p # show port guids ibstat mthca0 2 # show status of port 2 of 'mthca0'

ibstatus (8)

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