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update-initramfs.conf - configuration file for update-initramfs

The configuration file allows one to disable the update action from update-initramfs.

Default is yes for running the latest initramfs-tools hooks in the newest Linux image. Setting it to all updates any known initramfs. It is possible to set it to no for remote servers or boxes where conservative manners needs to be applied. This disables the update_initramfs -u call.
If set update_initramfs keeps an .bak file of the previous initramfs. If unset the backup initramfs will not be kept.


The initramfs-tools are written by Maximilian Attems <>, Jeff Bailey <> and numerous others.

initramfs.conf(5), initramfs-tools(7), mkinitramfs(8), update-initramfs(8).

2010/04/05 initramfs-tools