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JACAL(1) General Commands Manual JACAL(1)

JACAL - symbolic mathematics system

jacal [ scheme | scm | gsi | gosh | guile | scheme48 | larceny | scmlit | elk | sisc | kawa | mzscheme ]

JACAL is a symbolic mathematics system for the simplification and manipulation of equations and single and multiple valued algebraic expressions constructed of numbers, variables, radicals, and algebraic functions, differential, and holonomic functions. In addition, vectors and matrices of the above objects are included.

The optional argument to the jacal script is the Scheme implementation to run. Absent the argument, it searches for implementations in the above order.

is the SLIB Scheme library directory.

Texinfo documentation of jacal.

batch("demo"); to demonstrate commands in jacal

batch("rw.math"); to demonstrate tensors in "The Robertson-Walker Cosmology Model".

batch("test.math"); for regression suite.

Aubrey Jaffer (agj @
Michael Thomas
Jerry D. Hedden

The JACAL home-page:

info jacal
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